Teaching Notes – Session 3

Design a Collage or Map

Make a collage or map of where the fish you eat comes from and where fish caught locally goes to.

Design a flier to promote shellfish:


You are a team of marketing managers and Graphic Design Team working for SeaMor DESIGN.

The main catch in Cardigan Bay is Shellfish and around 90% of that is exported. Your company has been asked to create a brochure to promote shellfish in Wales.

Your task is to design the brochure to help persuade people to eat shellfish.

  • The brochure must fit on one sheet of A4 paper – you must use both sides.
  • It needs to be folded so it can be sent out easily in the post and it must be bilingual – Welsh and English.
  • You can either fold it in half or in thirds.
  • It must look attractive.

When writing the brochure make sure you remember all the following things:

  • The brochure must try to persuade people to eat shellfish.
  • The brochure must have pictures or illustrations linked to fishing and eating local fish.
  • There must be information about shellfish.
  • There must be guidelines about how to buy shellfish.
  • There must be information about which restaurants have shellfish on their menu.

Creating a Flier to promote Scallops

Collect a range of food promotion fliers from the local area.

Your first task is to analyse the flier to find out how food is promoted. This will help you when you produce your own flier.

Step 1: Look at the images

What photographs, illustrations, maps or any kind of graphics are included?

List them.

Step 2: Look at the writing

What product is it trying to sell?

What kind of writing is included in the brochure? Answer the following questions:

  • What is the title?
  • What other headings does it have?
  • Does it use persuasive writing to try and make the product sound good? (YES / NO)
  • Does it have information about where you can get the product? (YES / NO)
  • Does it have factual information about the product? (YES / NO)
  • Does it have contact addresses, website addresses or phone numbers linked to the product? (YES / NO)
  • What else does it have?


Now look at the FLIER more closely and try to identify the different kinds of writing.

Persuasive writing

Choose a piece of writing that tries to persuade people to buy the product.

Can you find active verbs and adverbs in this piece of writing?

What are they? List them.

Information writing

Choose a piece of information writing that describes the product? Can you

find the nouns and adjectives? What are they? List them.

Designing the promotional flier

Work in groups of 3-4


Step 1

You will be producing your flier on a computer or iPad. Research different layout options you can use for your flier.

Step 2

Research and choose images for the brochure and decide where they are going to go in your chosen design and see how much space they should take up – pictures can be re-sized to fit the space you want. It would be best if you can take your own pictures.

Step 3

How many different pieces of writing are you going to include?

How many words should be included in each piece?

Step 4

Allocate the writing tasks between you so everyone is writing at least one piece.


  • If you are trying to persuade people to try shellfish you should use active verbs and adverbs.
  • If you are describing shellfish or where to buy them use nouns and descriptive adjectives.
  • If you are providing other kinds of writing, for example information on where to go to get shellfish, or maybe a recipe to try, you need to use instruction writing.

Once you have decided between you what you are going to include, you need to divide the writing tasks up between you so everyone does at least one piece of writing. Remember if you are writing in English the Welsh translation will take up more space and if you are writing in Welsh the English will take up less space

Step 5

Read all the text aloud as a group in Welsh and English to see how it scans / works together. Check the spelling, grammar and punctuation. Download the text into your chosen flier layout. Insert the photographs and print it out!