Teaching Notes – Session 2

Watch the film

How many of their questions were answered by the film?

Sort the questions left into FACTUAL/OPINION questions and ask them; how can we find the answers?

individually write down 2 new things / facts they have learned.

In the hall or other space large enough for the class to move around in:

Go on a fishing expedition to find new facts. Move around the space, meet different people and exchange facts. Can they add ONE new fact for each person they talk to?  When they have 5 (or more, you decide) facts they should shout FULL BOAT.

In new groups of 4:

Draw a quadrant on a sheet of large paper.

In quadrant 1 write: 1 thing that surprised us…

In Q2: one thing that we will research for next week is …

In Q 3: one thing we could do to help local fishermen

In Q4; one more thing we would like to say is…

Homework: Research / diary of any fish you eat and what ocean or river it comes from