Teaching Notes – Session 1

In the hall or other space large enough for the class to move around in:

Agree / Disagree Line

Form an imaginary or chalk line across the space. Tell the students that LOVE is at one end and HATE at the other and ask them stand on the line to show how they feel about fish. In what ways do they Love/Hate them? Tell them to share ideas with 2-3 people standing near them and ask for feedback. They could love fish but not eat them for different reasons for example.

Establish the ends of the line as Agree and Disagree and the middle as Don’t Know. Make a series of statements for students to respond to by placing themselves on the line according to how much they agree or disagree such as:

‘The fish we eat in this area comes from Cardigan Bay’

‘Fishing is bad for the environment’

‘Eating fish is good for your health’

Again ask them to share ideas with 2-3 people standing near them and ask for feedback on why they chose to stand in a certain position.

(This exercise develops thinking skills, decision making, discussion, speaking and listening)

A drama exercise:

Groups of around 10 students cluster together in the form of a shoal of fish, with a nominated leader at the front of the shape. The shoal begins to move around the space, adjusting their path or stopping as it meets other shoals or obstacles. Once the group has stopped, the shape turns and a new leader naturally emerges as the shape shifts direction. The group set off with their new leader and as the telepathic ‘shoal mind’ and confidence develops the students can experiment with changing levels, introducing varying qualities, speeds and textures of movement.

(This exercise develops coordination, physical expression and spatial awareness)

On the floor in the hall or in the classroom around tables:

Group Brainstorm in groups with pens and flipchart paper

What questions would they like to ask about fishing?